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Healthy hair: Get Regular trims

         On average hair grows half an inch per month, and it takes about  2- 3 years to grow shoulder length hair. As the ends get older and damaged, they begin to split. No matter how good your hair is, it will never look healthy if you have split ends.      
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Fitness: It’s Zumba time!

Three weeks ago I attended my very first Zumba class and I absolutely loved it! This latin inspired dance-fitness program quickly had me hooked. Although it took me a while to learn the routines, after a few classes I feel like a professional. Check out Zumba in your city, it’s a great way to keep
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My journey so far: My first billboard

It was a surreal feeling being on a Spanish billboard for the first time . All of the sudden I felt a strange connection with the streets of Madrid, just because there was a very familliar face glancing at me from high above them. Without a doubt, it was a very nice feeling!  

Fashion blog to follow

Simple Love is a Polish blog genuinely passionate about fashion. It showcases a spectrum of looks for fashionably curious young women. It will keep you updated with the latest trends in fashion and if you love a good sale, you might find Simple Love’s online auctions very valuable! Visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Simple-Love/188110624604265?fref=ts to find out more.    

Drink green tea

To put it simply, I’m a green tea drinker. Containing high concentration of antioxidants, green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. I don’t know of another drink that has so many health benefits, from protecting your skin to reducing the risk of cancer. It even helps with weight loss. Don’t forget
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Sydney Hair Expo in a Spanish style

It’s been over a year since I left Spain but apparently Spain doesn’t want to let me go. I couldn’t believe it when upon my arrival at  Hair Expo rehersal I was told that I was to work with a multi-award winning X-Presion team from… Spain! Jorge, Marco, José and OzDare team, Thanks a lot, I
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Beauty product review: The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF15

This is a moisturising liquid foundation, with SPF15. If you have a dry skin it may work for you. The foundation glides on smoothly, it doesn’t feel heavy but it does appear oily through the day. Due to its very light texture, it provides only a minimal coverage. It comes in 8 different shades. What I like
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Sydney professional that I recommend

Susie Ayoub, an amazing make up artist. She is definitely one of the best Australian make up artists I worked with. Ladies, she knows how to make you look gorgeous!  For more information visit:  www.susieayoubmakeup.com   or   http://www.facebook.com/susie.ayoub  

Von Treskow’s new lookbook

So proud to be the face of Melbourne’s finest jewellery! Visit Myer or Duo (Sydney) to see Von Treskow’s stunning new collection and get your new 2013 lookbook.

Fitness: Get rid of bat wings

If flabby arms are your nightmare, here’s something for you. These 3 simple exercises will  help you get slim, toned arms without splurging on a gym membership. Check out this awsome video where choreographer Stepp Stewart and Dr. Oz explain how to target this troublesome area:    http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/banishing-bat-wings

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